Janice Prix: “Ikaros”

July 27, 2020 | Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Swedish “indie noir” band Janice Prix weave together a modern retelling of a classic Greek tragedy on their moving new release, “Ikaros.”

The Swedish band formed in the small, conservative town of Trollhättan where their politically tinted tracks were not exactly appreciated by the local music scene. Despite facing backlash early on, the group continued to record and perform their atmospheric songs that contend with heavy themes and issues from school shootings to the global refugee crisis. On July 17, Janice Prix released their debut album, Waking, which represents a culmination of the band’s thoughts on these heart-breaking topics while also offering listeners a chance to deeply engage with their work.

With carefully crafted lyrics that draw from ancient Greek mythology, larger socio-cultural themes, and personal experiences, the album’s third track “Ikaros” perfectly encapsulates Janice Prix’s complex approach storytelling. “Driving through another town/Aiming for the poison sun,” Janice Prix emulate the story of Ikaros who flew too close to the sun while wearing wax wings made by his father the inventor, Daedalus. 

Booming drums and heavy bass roll like thunder throughout the song’s melody. Despite the dark and brooding soundscape, we sense a shred of hope shining through the cracks of this track’s gloomy exterior. While Janice Prix may be singing about the trials and tribulations of leaving behind a previous life only to find struggle in your new home, we can’t help but feel a silver lining edging on the horizon. In the spirit of the ancient oracles, Janice Prix is here to remind us that sometimes moving forward means letting go.