Laurent: “Paradise”

July 27, 2020 | Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer Laurent has given us a one-way ticket to the Milky Way with his starry-eyed new track, “Paradise.”

Booming 808s and chill synths ebb and flow throughout this track with Laurent’s soaring vocals floating above it all in another stratosphere. “I’ll take you anywhere you like/Show you a miracle of life,” Laurent beckons his lover to join him on a journey to some far-off sweet escape. The artist’s poetic lyricism fills your mind with dazzling images that will certainly spark your wanderlust. Laurent’s sweeping vocals are enough to whisk anyone away to somewhere beyond this galaxy. 

Laurent layers this track with a mix of delicate, twinkling synths and hard-hitting drumbeats which make for one spectacular sonic landscape. The musician also seamlessly blends his silky vocals into his high energy melodies. From the very first note, you’ll want to start the song all over again just to reabsorb every beat and falsetto harmony. Laurent’s charismatic voice is certainly the key ingredient to his catchy, harmonically rich tracks. Laurent’s laid-back energy may be down-to-earth, but with “Paradise” the artist proves he can send us somewhere out of this world!

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