Newclaess & ANVY: “Weightless”

July 27, 2020 | Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Southern Germany-based dance pop duo Newclaess new collaboration with up-and-coming vocalist ANVY will have you soaring with their lighthearted track, “Weightless.”

DJs Ian and Tobias met in 2008 and began circulating the German club scene. The artists decided to take a short hiatus to focus on forging their own sound and honing in their producing skills. Making a triumphant comeback as a united front, the duo performed for thousands at festivals across Europe and even toured around China. Now the artists have blessed us with yet another elevated banger that we recommend blasting through every speaker in sight.

Electrifying synths and buoyant beats collide on “Weightless” as ANVY’s ringing falsetto buzzes through the air. The melody climbs sky-high before swooping down into the beat drop, making for one exhilarating listening experience. “High above the clouds, we are weightless,” ANVY belts out as the dazzling synths sparkle around her voice. This uplifting, high-energy track has all the positive vibes and hopeful energy we could use a little more of these days. If you’re in need of an instant mood boost, be sure to give “Weightless” a listen!