Rosa Raye: “Living Spree”

July 21, 2020 | Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Copenhagen-based singer-songwriter Rosa Raye is cutting ties with toxic relationships and embracing her newfound independence with her debut break-up anthem, “Living Spree.”

The Danish artist grew up listening and singing along to records by iconic artists like Whitney Houston and Beyoncé. As Raye started finding her own voice, she traveled to American music meccas, New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles, to inspire her direction as an artist. After working with songwriters and producers from around the globe and releasing music under Sony’s label, the artist decided to leave behind her record deal and start fresh as an independent musician. Taking 100% charge over her new sound and vision, Raye has returned from her brief hiatus to give us “Living Spree.”

On this track, Raye layers her unique, warbling R&B vocals on top of bright and airy champagne-stained melodies. Her sassy, candid lyrics prove that the artist is not the kind of person who wallows in their misery post-break up, but instead sees the opportunity as a chance to let loose and indulge a bit. “I’mma have my cake and eat it/Drink some cheap champagne/I’ll go on a living spree and you can keep your pain,” Raye makes it abundantly clear that she’s ready to move on. Fizzy synths and tropical-inspired instrumentals take this high-spirited track to the next level. According to Rosa Raye, breakups don’t have to be bitter, they can also be sweet relief!

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