Siente ft. Nic Hanson: “On Guard”

July 27, 2020 | Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

London-based synth-pop duo Siente has teamed up with singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, linguist, and Philadelphia-native Nic Hanson on a funky new bop called “On Guard.”

Musicians Nick and Steve met by chance at a mutual friend’s house party and since then, the two artists have forged an inseparable bond. Combining their mutual love of post-disco music and House club mixes, Siente has crafted a high-octane sound that has piqued the attention of critics and industry mainstays alike. Nic Hanson became a social media sensation after his single “We Don’t Need To Dance” hit #1 on the Hype Machine Charts. Soon after, his track “Cheaper Than Coffee” was featured on Elton John’s radio show, Rocket Hour, which propelled his momentum to new heights. As an artist who can speak many languages, Hanson has also been able to connect with global audiences by covering songs in their native tongues. 

With “On Guard” Siente and Nic Hanson give us a snappy new groove that we’re prepared to dance to all summer long. Combining sweet and sexy lyrics that will make you blush with a happy-go-lucky rhythm that will keep your toes tapping, Hanson and Siente’s sunny collaboration has us looking on the bright side. “Baby, you don’t gotta think too hard/Shorty you can let your hair down/You don’t gotta be on guard,” Hanson encourages his lover to live a little and embrace the moment. With energy this bright and free-spirited, “On Guard” pretty much makes up for all the pool parties that we couldn’t throw this year.

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