WeWantMore: “Heartbreak”

July 27, 2020 | Writer: Emma Kopelowicz

Fans of 90’s boy bands, we’ve found you your next batch of heartthrobs! Florida-based trio WeWantMore is here to break your heart and patch it up again with their new release, “Heartbreak.”

Brothers Kyle and Austin Craichy grew up playing classical piano and football together in high school. The two of them met singer, dancer, and karate champion Johnny Atys when he moved from France to America to pursue his dreams in music. In 2014, WeWantMore was born and the rest is history!

The pop trio known for their R&B meets disco rhythms decided to take their sound in a new direction with their latest single, “Heartbreak.” On this track, the group’s rich harmonies and distinctive voices shine through the booming guitar riffs and synths swirling in the high-energy melody. The trio reflect on their own fears and anxieties about starting a new relationship and the vulnerability that comes with putting yourself out there in their lyrics. “Cause if I fall for you, I’d risk whatever’s in the unknown,” the group express their internal reservations about letting love reel them in.

Through expressive, emotionally poignant lyrics and stellar vocal performances from all three band members, WeWantMore proves that they have what it takes to become global superstars. Move over NSYNC, there’s a new dreamy and extremely talented vocal group in town!

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