Tessa Violet x Mister Wives: “Bored”

July 21, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

Stuck inside and don’t know what to do? We’ve got your quarantine anthem!

Let us be the first to tell you that “Bored” is the official theme song for 2020. The new single from Tessa Violet and Mister Wives encapsulates the quarantine lifestyle. 

In “Bored” we hear Tessa try to find satisfaction in any activity she can think of. Describing late nights staring into her phone, we can hear our collective cry in her lyrics. In addition to her upbeat yet ethereal sound, the performance from NYC’s Mister Wives helps make this track a blast. Its big band sound  is fun and gives us the energy we need to get up and move around. Our favorite part of the song? Tessa’s shout during the bridge. We shout with her as she releases the pinned up frustration from being BORED.

Tessa Violet was previously known as Meekakitty. She’s a singer, songwriter, and vlogger based here in the USA. She released her original music video for the single, but soon recorded a new version of the video using submitted footage from her fans. It’s funny, heartfelt, and a great way to connect us together. 

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