Jordan Lake: “MISFIT”

August 19, 2020 | Writer: Honey Mills

Jordan Lake is taking the world by a storm with his latest release, “MISFIT.”

Have you ever been the one that never fit the mold, or that was pressured to be something—or someone—you’re not? If so, “MISFIT” is just for you. The indie/pop sound by Lake is apparent, strong, and methodical. The melody line is well-defined and hooky. And as for the lyrics? Well, they ring out with strong sensibilities to encapsulate everything about what it means to be a misfit. Jordan’s vocal is polished and truthful—captivating the listener from start to finish on his performance. The quality is top-notch to say the least.

Having teamed up with producer/artist/songwriter, Gabe Lopez, Lake has been busy concocting a new album. “MISFIT” is one of the first singles off of the new record. The album will consist of eight tracks, and we can’t wait to hear the fervent direction Lake will take us with all of his new music.

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