Jules Kong x Erlando: “Closure”

September 10, 2020 | Writer: The Tin Man

Jules Kyng x Erlando bring you their newest track, “Closure”, for all you broken hearted lovers.
We all know the feeling of opening ourselves up, only to find ourselves disappointed, with regrets swimming around in our heads, and unanswered questions. Jules Kyng x Erlando highlight the struggle of facing our fears with one another, and the uncertain journey we are left at.
Whether you’re at a crossroads in your feelings, or utterly confused, this song’s uplifting beat is enough to soothe you on your most difficult day. This track is sure to hit your heart strings, and leave you feeling pensive and vulnerable. It faces the honesty found in all our unmet expectations of one another, and the struggle to be human, in all its messy emotional complications.
But they say the journey is more important than the destination, and Jules Kyng x Erlando certainly give you a song that leaves you feeling optimistic regardless. What is the meaning of life but to enjoy the process, even when we struggle to find peace.

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