Bo Henrik: “Love Off The Menu”

September 19, 2020 | Writer: Tina Joy

“Love Off The Menu” is a new Pop track by Bo Henrik that neo-soul, hip hop, dirty rhym fans are sure to enjoy. His sound crosses generations, and it’s easy to hear the inspiration he finds in both city and nature.

Bo Henrik’s curious spirit can be found in his delicately laced lyrics.

Love Off The Menu explores the impermanence of a relationship, but the permanence of the memories tattooed in our hearts. Staying together isn’t easy, but forgetting someone is even harder, especially when the fondness of someone remains. Aw, the cruel joke that is falling in love while chasing our dreams.

We don’t know who Bo is singing about, but we’re sure their thinking of him too, but if by chance they aren’t, we don’t mind waiting up all night for him.

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