September 19, 2020 | Writer: Tina Joy

Levi Rowan takes us on a ride with his new track, “Let it Go”, bringing us West Coast skater feels that you’ll want to get rebellious to. Middle Fingers up, you’ll punk bebop on your longboards my friends.

He has been described as having a “shut up and listen kind of sound that slaps you in the face.” That’s a statement you’ll find difficult to disagree with after listening to “Let it Go”.

We’re falling hard for Levi Rowan, and it’s not just because he self produces his own music, or because he’s a model.

This new track has just the right amount of angst to keep us hooked on loop, reminiscing… hyped and ready to tell the next sheep where to stick it. Levi has built a new anthem against social standards. Witness his rise!

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