Vaance ft. CRUNR: “Bad Dreams”

September 30, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

Vaance teams up with musical artist Crunr in his new hit, “Bad Dreams”! 

The ohio-based producer released this single after his previous release “Last Goodbye” featuring Dreweybrear and Wilo Wilde. The track has a dreamy opening, starting off with a romantic guitar performance leading to Crunur’s vocals. While the piece itself is smooth, Crunr’s lyrics and singing added the finishing touch to the song. His swoon-worthy performance, paired with lyrics like “I remember when I thought I had it planned out”, draws us in and keeps us hooked!

Eli Catania, who uses the moniker Vaance, grew up playing in live bands. His career took off in 2013 after combining his live music experience with his knowledge of sound design. All of this comes to no surprise as we listen to smooth pop sounds of “Bad Dreams.”

Take a listen to “Bad Dreams” below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments! Tell us what you think of this track on social media at: @popbulb. Feel free to connect with our reviewer Princess on all socials (@PrincessCTV).