Chris Audio & Franco Davi: “COMFORTABLE”

October 5, 2020 | Writer: Delta Grey

Looking for a new track to wind down with? We’ve got your back! Check out what we thought about “Comfortable” below.

Chris Audio and Franco Davi have teamed up to bring a collab that’ll have you stoked! You can never go wrong if you can achieve a great rap and a great vocal together, and that’s exactly what Audio and Davi have done with their newest track. “Comfortable” is a smooth-grooving track that is remnant of 90s Hip Hop & R&B. With sick flows, velvety choruses and a beat that feels like Summer nights, “Comfortable” has a classic feel wrapped in a radio ready for 2020 package. Not only are Chris Audio & Franco Davi making us feel comfy; they’re making us feel right! POPbulb is all about finding tracks that Pop, and we know you’ll agree that this track not only pops, but crackles and snaps too.

Check out “Comfortable” below, and slide into our DMs with your thoughts! Hit us up on social media: @popbulb.