Fly By Midnight ft. Shoffy: “Caffeine”

October 08, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

Fly By Midnight’s “Caffeine” is as addictive as it’s name! 

The new single featuring Shoffy is sure to be a pop hit! From the enchanting vocal performance to its easygoing, bright beat “Caffeine” is captivating.

Infatuated with his lover, the lyrics tell us of someone who’s in a bit too deep. Shoff’s swoon-worthy falsetto and ad-libs draw us in, bringing this story of love (though perhaps one-sided) alive. The track is easily an earworm and Fly By Midnight makes no apologies for it!

Fly By Midnight is composed of songwriter Justin Bryte and producer/songwriter Slavo. If Justin seems familiar, you may have seen him on an episode of MTV’s “Made”!

They’ve performed at the likes of Firefly and Panorama festival. Boasting over 290,000 YouTube subscribers, their music has attracted fans from Billboard, NYLON, and Buzzfeed among others!

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