The BreakBomb Project x Ava Petrillo: “WHY”

October 09, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

It draws you in and you can’t stop moving- it’s The BreakBomb Project’s “WHY”!

The new single featuring Ava Petrillo is sure to get you up and dancing! Ava’s vocals are enticing, but not overpowering; she draws us in with her smooth, almost smoky sound. Similarly, the beat itself doesn’t have the biggest drop but that’s what we love about the track! We can’t help but join in and dance along with it. The breaks in Ava’s performance-and the beat-constantly switch things up and keep listeners on their toes, putting this track in a league of its own. Gasmaskers, we’re sure “WHY” will be the next addition to your house playlist!

The BreakBomb Project was founded by Brandon Greenstein in July 2018. After his debut single, “World”, Brandon followed with hit after hit including “Breakdown” and “Fly Away”. His 2019 debut album, “The Project” featured the renowned singles “Goodnight’ and “Ticking”.

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