This Modern: “Next Time Around”

October 10, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

Ahh a love lost. This Modern takes us with them on their emotional rollercaster!

“Next Time Around” reflects on the love lost after a broken heart. Still missing his former flame, the lyrics describe a man who can’t help but miss his former flame. Although emotional, the verses don’t leave listeners hopeless- the chorus ends on an uplifting note. “Maybe Next Time Around” isn’t a sad heartbreak ballad- it takes a look at the past, confronts the present, but is still hopeful for the future. That’s what we love most about this track!

This Modern is a Phoenix-based duos. The genre blending team prides themselves on pushing boundaries and this track is no different! “Maybe Next Time Around” features a blend of punk, pop, and R&B that is a unique take on a musical trend.

Pre-Covid, This Modern toured with pop duo Neon Dreams. “Next Time Around” is one of the follow ups to their album, “Remedies” released earlier this year.

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