Alexina: “Double Tap”

October 11, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

Alexina echoes the beauty and fantasy of online dating in “Double Tap”.

Alexina’s new single is the anthem of modern dating. Up against the cheery upbeat sound, the singer’s vocals fuse her pop sound with gritty realism. She sounds like a popstar and her performance makes the track super catchy. Her lyrics are honest and give the song a depth that takes it to the next level. If you’ve ever found yourself more in love with a profile than the thought of seeing (or dealing) with someone in real-life, this track’s for you!

Alexina is a London based singer-songwriter. Starting off her music career with a bang, she was the lead singer of a local band. The group performed so well that they managed to join the renowned Blondie on their UK tour! Although successful, Alexina felt this career was pulling her away from songwriting. She quickly shifted focus and honed her craft; leading her to eventually write theme songs for multiple motion pictures. If you’ve seen Margot Robbie’s 2018 film, Terminal then you’ve heard Alexina’s “Silent Killer”- the theme song for the film!

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