Tobias Dray ft. Ben Chandler: “I Don’t Mind”

October 11, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

Soulful with a european flare, Tobias Dray ft. Ben Chandler’s “I Don’t Mind” is the sound of something new!

At its outset, “I Don’t Mind” sounds like your favorite coffee shop tune. The piece can actually stand alone as an instrumental- which isn’t always the case with other songs. But, it’s the surprise (but welcome) vocal addition that transforms the track. Combined with an alluring beat, Ben Chandler’s vocals are dreamy and help introduce a pop/R&B sound that makes this single truly one-of-a-kind.

Tobias Dray is a Paris born and bred producer/composer and a DJ among many other titles! The multi-instrumentalist prides himself on bending genres, blending electro, pop and R&B. “I Don’t Mind” is the newest release from Dray’s debut EP “Daydreamer”. 

In the midst of COVID, Tobias took to Spotify to find new collaborators- and he wasn’t disappointed! He found Ben Chandler among other vocalists such as Knightly and POLYDRIVE.

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