Benny Benassi: “Until The End Of Summer” (Remix by Riccardo Marchi)

October 17, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

Benny Benassi is up to his usual chart-topping antics in his new remix with Riccardo Marchi, “Until The End Of Summer”!

Riccardo is one of two released by Benny. Each remix features its own unique sound and signature touch. The original track features addictive vocals and was a hit on its own- which is no surprise given Benny’s track record! Riccardo’s remix takes those vocals and adds his own synths, making the single an even higher-energy dance track. The build up is one of the things we love most- he does a masterful job of building our anticipation using the simple hook from Benny’s original. When the beat drops, we can’t help but dance and get lost in the beat!

Benny Benassi is considered one of the pioneers of dance music, making the genre mainstream. He’s brought us hit after hit since his 2003 classic “Satisfaction”. He’s been working with fellow Italian record producer Riccardo Marchi on a number of recent tracks including “Just Miss Love” and “Lonely Nights”. Riccardo rose in the ranks after his 2010 track “Pompo Nelle Casse” quickly reached over 13 million views on YouTube and went gold in Italy. Since then, he;s worked on a number of high profile remixes for the likes of Madonna, Tiësto, Janet Jackson, and Daddy Yankee among others. It’s no surprise Benny and Riccardo are collaborating!

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