ROMES x Haiva Ru: “All The Time”

October 17, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

R&R after a heartbreak- ROMES gets you bouncing back in “All The Time”!

ROMES’ newest single features Cali native, Haiva Ru. The funky has a retro sound that’s perfect for lounging poolside. The lyrics tell a slightly different story, however; the self-care described isn’t just a break from life- it’s an escape from love lost. Almost anyone can identify with trying to get someone out of your head and this track is the perfect remedy! With its soulful bridge and riveting guitar solo at the end, this single will have you healed from heartbreak in no time.

ROMES is a Toronto based pop duo. Brothers by birth and partners by choice, the team is known for tracks like “Lose My Cool” and “Believe”. Their collaborator, Haiva Ru is growing in the music scene and recently debuted a music video shot entirely in her living room!

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