Billy Ray Rock: “Get The Funk”

October 25, 2020 | Writer: Yasmine Sahid

We all need to hear more Old school Hip Hop once in awhile. Especially old school styled songs made in the present day. “Get The Funk” takes you back to the rap music that reigned in tthe 80’s with a funky twist you can’t beat.

Right at the very top you’re introduced to a jamming tuba. We’re then exposed to a heavy Run D.M.C type of beat as Billy Ray Rock hypes you up shouting “Get The Funk”. But more sounds and instruments flood in as you’re completely immersed in a full band with an array of instruments. And Billy Ray Rock delivers the funk that he promised in the title. 

“Get the Funk ” gets you on your feet and bumping to the groove. With heavy old school influence, this song will surely take you back.

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