Chris Bender: “Glad In It”

October 25, 2020 | Writer: Yasmine Sahid

Put on your best Sunday dress because Chris Bender will take you to church with his uplifting gospel “Glad In It”. Gospel fans will adore this song of praise as Bender speaks uplifting words to make you say “Amen!”

Be happy for what the lord grants you is Bender’s main message in the song. He opens it up with soulful vocals that speaks directly to listeners who feel as if they have hit a wall in life. His voice is powerful and smooth where we hear moments of ad libs and chuckles sprinkled around the song. A good sign that Bender is genuinely enjoying himself and is fully invested in getting the message across. And what’s a gospel song without a gospel choir? The choir uses that signature call and response technique commonly known in gospel music. We also hear the motivated sound of keys, drums, and electric guitars along with a catchy chorus that you can’t help but sing along to.

Chris Bender gives you everything and more in this song. There’s so much love and passion in not only the performance but the powerful message. With a band and singers that gets you up on your feet and lyrics that lift your head up, “Glad In It” is a tune everyone needs in their life.

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