THAT KIND: “One Last Time”

October 25, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

Dance music with a twist- THAT KIND!

From the hit duo THAT KIND, “One Last Time” forges its own path in the dance scene. The single paints a picture of dates nights in the city, out on the town with your lover! The combination of female and male vocals make this track unique, adding another touch of romance. Don’t let that fool you- this isn’t just another love song. The catchy, smooth dance beat makes this track easy to dance to for your own night out! The sultry, almost mysterious vocals are addictive and make us want to hear more.

Scotland’s own THAT KIND is the moniker for genius duo Jack and Taylor. With influences ranging from Afrojack to Fleetwood Mac, the pair are completely different- and that’s what we love! Fusing Jack’s production skills with Taylor’s songwriting and vocals, the pair make the perfect combination. They’ve struck the ultimate balance- pairing addictive beats with heartfelt storytelling.

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