Nicky Romero: “Nights With You”

October 26, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

Poetic and beautiful, check out Nicky Romero’s “Nights With You”!

The new single from Nicky Romero is short, but jam packed. The song is romantic with a modern twist, fusing dance beats with heartfelt vocals. Admittedly, the release highlights Nicky’s softer, slower side- something new for his longtime fans. But don’t get it twisted- this track is far from sappy. It still has a great beat that can be enjoyed despite it’s somewhat boyband sound. All in all, this track has something for everyone!

Nicky Romero is the moniker for DJ, producer, and remixer Nick Rotteveel. The Dutch artist is known for crowd pleasing DJ sets and the virtual liveshow, Another World. Fans of Zac Efron  may recognize Romero from the film We Are Your Friends; he was one of several real DJs with a cameo! In lieu of live performances in 2020, you can keep up with Nicky on Twitch and his show on Protocol radio.

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