Stark x Kestra: “(Don’t You) Darken My Door”

October 26, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

“(Don’t You) Darken My Door” gets you moving! 

Starting off with a bang, Stark’s acoustic guitar and Kestra’s stirring vocals immediately grab our attention. To put it simply, this single is a thrill ride! Kestra’s sound reminds of the strength and grit we find in artists like Alessia Cara. We feel her passion in every note and between her performance and the instrumentation, we can’t escape this journey. Mastering the art of storytelling, this single doesn’t rely on heavy beats at all. It’s simple, yet powerful on its own. The lyric “You can’t keep me down no more” encapsulates the central theme and we leave the track feeling just as empowered as Kestra.

This track was produced by Stark- an East London producer/songwriter. His debut single was released this February and his music quickly amassed over a million streams! Stark has worked with up-and-coming soul singer and fellow Londoner, Kestra on multiple tracks and we can’t wait to hear more from them both.

Check out “(Don’t You) Darken My Door” below! Be sure to connect with our reviewer Princess (@PrincessCTV) on all socials.