Astrina: “Not That Girl”

November 01, 2020 | Writer: Yasmine Sahid

An alternative Pop beat with Indie vocals and inspiring lyrics, “Not That Girl” has a unique style that will grab your interest. Astrina gives you that inside look at her journey of change with this song and many others off her Album “Between The Mirror”.

Keyboard plays a big role in this single as it gives this somewhat 80’s feel to it, while at the same time a futuristic sound with it’s staccato beat. But the electronic sound doesn’t over power Astrina’s airy voice. The two compliment each other making the song compatible with Astrina’s voice and singing style. The song is also made to suit a variety of situations as it’s upbeat enough to dance to but also the meaningful lyrics are relatable enough to sit and listen. Astrina’s style aesthetically and musically is beautiful and unique. Her songwriting is phenomenal and will surely be popular among the Indie Pop scene. 

“Not That Girl” has both great lyrics and a catchy beat. Her album is definitely a piece of work that should be listened to as Astrina’s style will leave you wanting more.

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