Crii Baby: “Sorry?”

November 01, 2020 | Writer: Yasmine Sahid

With heavy R&B influences vocally and compositionally, any listeners will find Crii Baby’s “Sorry?” a newfound gem. The track fills you in on what’s more to come off her EP “love song’s for everyone”.

The song starts off with an angelic keyboard that plays a simple progression as Crii Baby blesses your ears with her velvety voice. The style of the music and singing may bring you back to 90’s R&B that resembles female singers such as Sade. The beat quickly kicks in as you catch yourself bumping to the rhythm while enchanted to Crii Baby’s irresistible voice and unapologetic lyrics. The artist is well aware of her vocal talents as she plays around with harmonies that adds so much color and grace to the song. Crii Baby proves that strong vocals backed against simple keyboard can take a song a long way if you have the talent.

Just off of this song, I am highly interested in listening to the rest of her E.P. I think it would be the best thing to put on when I’m alone and want to unwind and chill. And I’m certain you will find yourself wanting to do the same thing with Crii Baby’s music.

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