Kelsey Mira: “See You On Sunday”

November 02, 2020 | Writer: Yasmine Sahid

The beat is irresistible and Kelsey Mira’s sultry voice will get you hooked on this pop single. “See You on Sunday” is a catchy-sass filled song that radiates pure pop gold many listeners will fall in love with.

This is a true anthem that gives listeners a boost of confidence, reminding us to put ourselves first and to not fall for any lame tricks being pulled by past partners. Mira’s voice wows you with strong rock like belts and growls. It’s sexy and powerful and lights a fire in you. Her drive is contagious and keeps you listening in her song of rebellion and reclaiming your power. You can detect a hint of country in the pop background by the quick twang of the guitars. But that just broadens her audience to both kinds of genres making the song much more attractive.

I’m hoping to hear this song on the radio soon as it’s perfect to jam out to on a long drive. Mira has the voice to command a crowd in a heartbeat and this rocking song will garner new fans in an instant.

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