Madison Beer: “Baby” Remix by Jonas Blue

November 02, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

Jonas Blue brings his own sound in the “Baby” remix!

The track is a remix of Madison Beer’s newest single. The song is sultry and sophisticated, featuring Madison’s stellar vocals as she makes passionate pleas toward her lover. As with any great remix, Jonas’ sound is all his own. Choosing to stray quite far from the original, the DJ turned this soulful single into a (soon-to-be) dance hit! This reimagination of the track is hypnotic, creating a pulsing beat to dance to with a hook you can’t ignore. This one’s worth the listen!

At 21 years old, Madison Beer already boasts over a billion streams on Spotify! She made her debut in 2018 with the EP As She Pleases, making her the first independent female artist to break into Billboard’s Top 20 radio charts. The Long Island native hit the ground running and eventually signed a licensing deal with Epic Records, allowing her full creative control over her projects! 

Known for 2018’s “Alien” featuring Sabrina Carpenter, it’s no surprise Jonas Blue was the perfect choice for this remix!

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