Rodney Hazard: “Are We Done?”

November 02, 2020 | Writer: Yasmine Sahid

Rodney Hazard does Trap Ambient music well and it shines through his single “Are We Done”. Whether you decide to play this at your next party or a kick back, you can bet it will make heads turn. 

Although the song is generally trap you do hear a bit of alternative influence woven in there. This is mainly heard in the chord’s played underneath the 808’s. It gives the song this sort of ethereal vibe as the synth’s fade in and out. Chimes are also added to those chords making the sound much more fuller with body. But the trap still stays prevalent throughout the song with Bass being introduced as the synth’s fade out. You will be greeted with more songs that are similar in the EP “Dancing in the Rain” that are all worth listening to.

Rodney Hazard’s talents are clear as day through this EP and this song. The beat is also simple enough for DJ’s to mix to and artists to sample (with Hazard’s permission of course). I’m sure we will see more of his work as a solo artist and a producer on many future projects.

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