Natalie Duque: “Stay”

November 03, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

Timely and sincere, emotions come alive in Natalie Duque’s “Stay”.

The new single from Natalie was written after the sudden death of Kobe Bryant. Like many of us, the singer took time to reflect on the moments we take for granted. Using her piano and soulful voice, the singer paints a picture of the final moments a couple have together before they part ways. The subject has no idea that this seemingly routine moment would be their last. The track is well-written and Duque’s multiple talents shine through!

Natalie Duque is no stranger to tackling hard issues! The singer-songwriter-musician loves a sad song and loves using music as a space for connection and vulnerability. Natalie’s earnest sound reminds of artists like Sara Bareilles. Her most popular track, “Brave Is Beautiful” is from her 2018 EP of the same name and was produced by Wayne G. Miller (Christina Perri).

With influences ranging from Miranda Lambert to Adele, we have no doubt you’ll hear more from Natalie! Listen to “Stay” below!

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