Stella Santana: “Don’t Turn It Around”

November 16, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

Stella Santana traps us in her musical web with her newest release, “Don’t Turn It Around”!

“Don’t Turn It Around” is as mysterious and sultry as its title. Similar to a spiderweb, we can’t find help but find ourselves hooked once it begins. The emotional track is full of the soulful sounds we know and love from Stella. She brings the lyrics to life through her vocals, painting a vivid picture in our heads with each verse. Producer, musician, and frequent collaborator Avi Snow managed to create a stirring beat that’s just as entrancing for us listeners. This moving track isn’t one to be missed!

Simply using the name ‘Stella’, Stella Santana is known for creating tracks centered around female empowerment. Although she’s a Cali native, the artist has been heavily influenced by the sounds of New York City. “Don’t Turn It Around” is the latest release after Stella’s previous track, “My Summer Time”. Despite being the daughter of legendary musician Carlos Santana, Stella is forging her own path in the music industry!

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