Alicia Sky: Blame it on Mercury (JakK’d Remix)

November 20, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

JakK’d, a duo composed of the Boston-based producers, Panama Jak and XD, cools down Alicia Sky’s hit song, “Blame it on Mercury,” with subtle bass house beats and acid textures. This fresh approach to Sky’s snappy melodies transforms “Blame it on Mercury” into the most danceable song for quarantined, one-person parties. The electronic production supports Sky’s message of relieving oneself from the stress caused by Covid-19’s unprecedented lockdowns; Sky’s ending chorus of “I got job issues/ I got guy issues/ I got all issues/ I will survive” is now followed by what seems to be gleaming yet soft piano notes which aim to turn down any external pressures that listeners may be feeling. A song that previously flirted with bubblegum bass production turns into a hybrid of Sky’s energetic persona and JakK’d’s chilled-out atmosphere. This is an instant recommendation for anyone that feels stressed from life’s daily struggles.

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