Leona Berlin x Snoop Dogg: “Wrong Lane” [Chill Edit] (Remix by AgaJon)

November 22, 2020 | Writer: Yasmine Sahid

Leona Barlin takes you on a ride in this chill and  funky song “Wrong Lane.”

The German singer and producer enchants listeners with her sexy singing that is easy to vibe to and get lost in. The chords that gives the song it’s signature cool sound slightly mocks the playing of saxophone in this Remix. This effect helps turn the song more into the genre of jazz but still stays true to Hip Hop with its use of claps and well constructed beats. And of course, who can deny that Snoop Dogg’s rapping  instantly sky rockets any song he’s on. He enhances the song’s chill-ness with his famous laid back rapping. Although the edit doesn’t stray too far from the original relaxed vibe, it certainly enhances it.

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