Lucas & Steve ft. Alida: “Another Life”

November 22, 2020 | Writer: Yasmine Sahid

With a hopeful sound and beutiful lyrics, this dance/edm song will not only get you on your feet but in your feels. “Another Life” is both inspirational and fun.

Alisha’s vocals are a perfect match to Lucas & Steve’s song. Singing about looking towards meeting your loved one in another life, it adds another layer of passion to the message. The build up comes at a solid time as well. It doesn’t start too early as listeners are given enough time to really appreciate Alisha’s singing and the heartfelt lyrics. Right after the drop we’re greeted with guitar that gives the song a bit of a pop/folk vibe, blending well overall.

The song has many wonderful aspects that makes it great. Staying true to the EDM style, “Another Life” can still be appreciated amongst a wide and new audience.

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