Virginia To Vegas x Mokita: “flyby.”

November 22, 2020 | Writer: Yasmine Sahid

The Indie pop song “flyby.” not only expresses the common feeling of watching your life go by, but takes the message even further with its noticeable guitar riff and the bands calm and soothing vocals. While most songs will make the chorus catchy, it’s the guitar that does the most justice. The riff is distinct and repettative throughout the song. You find yourself humming it while getting lost in the indie/ rock composition. The light singing style is what gives the beautiful song an interesting flare of pop. The lyric video itself is simple but still artistic as you watch the bandmates sway to the song, one being in an empty feel and the other watching what seems to be a film from his childhood. It’s a great watch and listen that will surely garner new Indie fans.

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