Luke Potter: “Dance With the Devil”

December 03, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

Luke Potter – Dance With the DevilLuke Potter’s music has always been dazzled with hopscotch pop melodies. Proceedinghis other 2020 singles, “Somebody Else” and “In Another Life,” he continues his streakof bangers with “Dance With the Devil,” his best release yet!

Although Potter’s previous 2020 releases have all been great, they lacked the wildambition of this track. “Dance With the Devil” unfurls like a one-shot film of sublimelandscapes. It presents a gorgeous scene that blossoms with frolicking house beats,ear-candy vocals, and the kind of dancing that could accompany ​The Sound of Music​.Potter invites us to join him and revel at the delights of such a world. Near the end of thesong, piano notes reach new peaks as Potter pipes his lines of liberty: “For the first timeI don’t have to run away, not a reason left for me to be afraid.” This incredibly catchysingle is sure to be enjoyed by all listeners!

Starting out in Weston-Super-Mare, England, Luke Potter has made his markthroughout Europe and the United States—he’s had success in London, Sweden,Florida, and California. This year, he’s made a deal with LMG|OUTFLY to work onfuture releases.

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