David Higgins: “Kings & Queens”

December 04, 2020 | Writer: Yasmine Sahid

A catchy song with a message of living in the moment, “Kings and Queens” welcomes you in an environment of fun, truth, and life.

I believe this is a song that is needed during these frustrating times. Its lyrics give listeners a sense of high hopes. It’s positive, reassuring, and can be relatable amongst all ages. The song resembles close to the pop country genre with its use of guitar accompanied by the slight rustic singing of David Higgins. But it doesn’t blend too into the countryside as I can distinguish the common song structure used in many pop songs. Listening to it reminded me of similar artists like Phillip Phillips, both bringing a hometown feeling to they’re music.

Higgins “Kings and Queens” will certainly make you feel cozy and secure. With this song, he’s bringing the memories of backyard parties and family gatherings into your home.

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