Lynsey Ryan: “Wishes”

December 04, 2020 | Writer: Yasmine Sahid

Lynsey Ryan gives this feeling of floating and airy ness to her music. This unique style is highlighted oin her single “Wishes”.

Accompanied by a gentle piano played by the artist herself, “Wishes” is purely a stunning song. Ryan proves that you don’t always need a belting voice to get the message across. Her light singing adds magic into the fairytale like lyrics of the song. But don’t let her voice fool you, as she shows immense talent with her breath control and near flawless runs. The music video puts the cherry on top to the song’s dream like vibe, seeing Ryan swimming around edited as if she’s floating in the clouds.

I’m excited to dig deeper into Ryan’s discography. She is certainly a breath of fresh air that I highly encourage you to check out when you want to get a moment of bliss.