M’Lynn (Remix by Nate Harasim): “T.F.I.L.”

December 03, 2020 | Writer: Yasmine Sahid

When you think of a remix you may be more familiar with a drastic change to the song on top of a large edm or trap influence. But “T.F.I.L” take a more gentle route that I find to be very endearing. 

M’Lynn’s voice is blend of jazz and Indie. It has a great deal of texture and that stands out as its own. Her vocal style matches with the smooth nature of the song. I’m glad that Nate Harasim really took his time on making the song more calming rather than overbearing it with too much production. It also makes the song sound like a stand alone project and not so much of a remix, which is a great sign that shows the artists creativity and imagination. 

Both M’Lynn and Nate Harasim vibe so well sonically, I hope that they can get together more to release great tracks like this in the future. Loving this track? Hit us up on social media: @popbulb.