Miles Rainer: “Pretend”

December 05, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

Miles Rainer’s sincere vocals are sure to captivate anyone who empathizes with heartbreak.

Miles Rainer seems like an ordinary guy, which makes it so much easier to feel for hisstruggles. “I swear I’m doing fine ‘til you, you hit my line, I fall for every lie, why do we dothis every time,” he says, grovelling towards a circle of love and distress. He details thefeelings of falling for a dishonest lover as his world tears apart. It’s difficult not to feel forhim as his strong voice seems to break as the song goes on. This track, with its simpleinstrumentals and its universal sentiment, is another heartache tune for the books.

Hailing from Iowa, Miles Rainer is an upcoming alternative pop artist with promisingsongwriting skills.

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