Davis Ost: “Fire in Alaska”

December 8, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

Davis Ost’s “Fire in Alaska” illuminates with passionate vocals and speckled strings—it’sthe kind of song that would be perfect for reflective car rides.

Ost’s voice flutters and drops; in his verses, a sense of serenity is immediately followedby urgency. Then the lines repeat. Perhaps such vocals reflect a man that is both inlove with a woman but understands that the relationship can’t work out. Ost belts out inthe chorus, “I’m up in the air, is it time to let you go? Fire in Alaska,” contemplating thedecisions of staying with or leaving a lover. Throughout the song, surprising yet subtlesamples complement the peaceful atmosphere and reinforce Ost’s internal conflict. Thisis a stand-out track in today’s list of singer-songwriters. An instant recommendation for the sentimental!

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