Jeauneil x Angelina: “Falling”

December 8, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

“Falling” has us falling in love with its simple, yet powerful sound! The track is elegant and heartfelt, taking us on its melodic journey. Jeauniel’s angelic vocals are an absolute dream, especially when paired with Angelina’s clear sound. The perfect harmonies keep us engaged and attuned to the track’s thoughtful lyrics- no easy feat! 

Jeauneil is a UK based artist. He wrote “Falling” in 2014 while still attending college. The singer and all-around-storyteller took an emotional dive to imagine the feelings of someone who’s suicidal. Despite its dark origins, the song’s meaning has evolved to reflect the love between two people. Jeauneil invited his longtime friend Angelina to join the track, and the two joined forces to create this heartfelt single. With only 3 other tracks on his debut EP, Dear Tomorrow, we’re sure this is only the beginning for him!

Check out “Falling” here! Be sure to connect with our reviewer Princess Carroll (@PrincessCTV) on all platforms.