JELSBAK: “The Wedding Anthem” (Radio Version)

December 8, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

The bonding of Christina Dahlerup’s vocals and JELSBAK’s production makes for atrack that could feature in the montage of a liberating, coming-of-age film.

With fluttering acoustics and a voice that could clear up the haze of a polluted world,“The Wedding Anthem” is sure to instill a sense of hope to anyone listening. Dahlerupstates, “I will show you the world, make your dreams come true. I’ll do anything for you,”reflecting the affections of a parent to a child or a wife to a husband. Eitherinterpretation is correct; the lyrics aim to stake the world in a contagious love. It feelslike being a young child and watching a Disney film for the first time. This song is sure toilluminate the hearts of its listeners!

Watch out for future JELSBAK releases! You wouldn’t want to miss them!

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