Your Paris: “Rooms”

December 8, 2020 | Writer: Princess Carroll

Get ready to hear this on your airwaves- check out “Rooms” from Your Paris!

This new single is passionate and intoxicating! The lyrics detail the ups and downs of love and insecurity. The vocals bring the lyrics to life with an honesty and grit that’s absolutely perfect. Her performance is ethereal, reminding us of Ariana Grande and creating a track that’s just as catchy. This piece is radio-friendly and we’re sure you’ll hear it on your airwaves soon!

Your Paris is a Toronto based duo. Their lead quote, “you’ll either hear about our love story, or our breakup” is clever and perfect- encapsulating their music and their reality at the same time. You may have already heard their previous tracks, “Standing in Your Doorway” or “The Internet” among others. The team just started releasing music in 2020, but we already look forward to seeing their growth in years to come! 

Take a listen here and be sure to connect with our reviewer Princess Carroll (@PrincessCTV) on all platforms!