Max M x Chris Willis: “I’ll Be Up”

December 9, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

Max M, the computer science expert and electronic music producer, is proof that youcan pursue multiple careers at once. “I’ll Be Up” is a solid pop single filled with smoothsynthesizers.

It may seem odd for people in their 40s to be contributing to modern-day pop music. Butneither his age nor the societal status quo will stop Max M from collaborating with ChrisWillis, the gospel singer known for his work with David Guetta, and creating a fusion ofcontemporary, electronic melodies and sleek vocals. In general, this is a modern lovesong; Max M aims to “stay up” and “be up” for his lover. For such lyrics to come out of aman with so much experience in the world is, in its own way, endearing. Max M hasshown us that love doesn’t change all that much as we grow up. As time goes on, we’llall still be waiting for that one text.

Max M plans to continue his career as a musician. Watch out for his future releases!

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