Venior: “Free-K”

December 15, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

“Free-K” balances on a knife’s edge between the hyper pop production of bubblegum bass artists and the streamlined polish of modern dance-pop.

Venior’s music is a continuation of the prominent electropop sound that has overtaken the underground pop scene. Artists under the label of “PC MUSIC,” which encompasses all modern electronic pop produced by A. G. Cook—such as Charli XCX, Hannah Diamond, and GFOTY—use surreal textures, cybernetic grooves, and high-pitched singing to push the boundaries of the pop sound. “Free-K” may not be as ambitious as the songs from the aforesaid musicians, but it continues to take production elements from PC MUSIC while remaining accessible enough for all radio listeners. The exhilaration of the glitch hop-influenced hook, “Imma free-free-free-K,” and Venior’s lyrics of self-assurance are sure to keep anyone freaky!

Venior has been releasing music of the same style as “Free-K” since 2015. Make sure to check out her other singles, such as “Sugar Rush” and “Na Na Na.

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