Liam O’Brien: “Higher Than Our Hopes”

December 15, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

Liam O’Brien’s new track aims to turn his lamentation into a newfound hope.

The line, “I’ll be higher than you, and higher than our hopes,” strikes a balance between arrogance and confidence. It’s a common sentiment for many of us who feel that we need to prove something in order to be of value. Perhaps unsurprisingly, with lyrics such as this, O’Briens vocals linger with a sense of heartbreak. A track that seems like a regular pop tune turns out to be filled with an emotional backstory. In between the  sparse guitar strings and his brilliant voice is a beautiful narrative of a man that has experienced the repercussions of his faults and is willing to change for the better. It’s an empowering statement that promises a brighter future.

With influences from Justin Timberlake, Michael Bublé, and John Legend, Liam O’Brien is sure to become a future classic.

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