Skylar Capri: “Wax Lips”

December 15, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

Skylar Capri’s third track of 2020 is a bubblegum pop tune stuffed with candy-sweet imagery.

The name, “Wax Lips,” conjures images of fake mannequins and clay dolls. It doesn’t take long to realize that it’s a metaphor for a compulsive liar. This song is a “call out” to those that take advantage of others’ trust. Underneath its lullaby-tones that recall nostalgic Fisher-Price toys and Capri’s authentic timbre is a jab at a past friend: “You had wax lips, baby, I never had a clue. You had wax lips, baby, I never had a clue,” Capri sings as she kicks herself for falling for an ex-friend’s lies. The dissonance. between the lyrics and the sound make “Wax Lips” both an affront and a cradle song, a snarky gibe encased in an anthem for dancing. It makes for an incredibly fun song.

Albeit fairly new to the music world, songs like “Wax Lips” make it easy to see. Skylar Capri’s potential.

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