Sweetlove: “Devil on Your Shoulder”

December 8, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

“Devil on Your Shoulder” is a song about freedom and release. It’s about living in theNow because the future isn’t waiting to make anyone happy.

The Americana singer, Sweetlove, escapes from grief and truly experiences life. Shestates in the chorus, “So make friends with the Devil on your shoulder. Get high whenyou’re feeling free,” accepting her imperfections and living in bliss with drugs and“another glass of wine.” This new approach to a life—a life blemished with stains andflawed with grief—helps Sweetlove find a long-lost happiness. And her warm vocals dowell to reflect the feeling of finally removing her personal chains. This song is sure tohelp anyone who’s been struggling with the weight of life.

Make sure to give “Devil on Your Shoulder” a try on Sweetlove’s new EP, ​Goodnight, Lover!

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